#Why claim that these are most durable socks on the market?
To make sure that our socks are super-durable, we looked for an objective and indisputably accurate method that would allow us to compare the resistance of several different kinds of socks. For this, we used the Martindale test. 

The test recreates the natural process of wear and tear by rubbing a fabric sample against wool. The machine controls the rubbing and calculates the fabric rub count, until the thread is so worn down that it breaks. The unit used to measure the number of times the fabric has been rubbed is called a Martindale.
Following a series of tests carried out in a Swiss laboratory, our knee-high socks from the super-durable range obtained the best results from a sample of 15 pairs of top of the range socks, with a resistance level of almost 49000 rubs. This result cannot be converted into a number of steps but corresponds to a very intense fabric use.

These socks are made of an even thicker Cotton Lisle thread, polyamide (which is used to make mooring ropes for boats) and elastane, which gives the sock a crisp firmness.

# When can I wear them?
The socks’ composition means that they can be worn on a day to day basis. The Cotton Lisle and elastane give these socks a certain finesse and ensure a perfect fit for your ankle. This range can be worn in a work environment as well as out in town. Their ribbed texture brings a touch of chic.

# When should I avoid wearing them?
The super-durable socks are mainly made of cotton, with 72% Cotton Lisle thread, which means that they do not have strong thermal properties. When it is very cold, these socks are not the most appropriate choice. When it is very hot, such as 35°+, these socks are also not the most adapted.



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