Super - Durable socks

After months of research, we are happy to present our very durable "Durable" range of mid-calf and knee-high long socks. A range which uses a different yarn from our 100% cotton lisle knee-high socks.

The composition of the yarn is the essential difference between these superb knee-high socks and conventional long socks. Polyamide, a material used in manufacturing ships' mooring ropes, is noted for its elasticity, which makes it extremely durable. Adding polyamide to the lisle yarn provides support, and its elasticity ensures the socks grip the calf better than long socks in natural fibres.

This mix of fibres gives these long socks a firmness you can feel just by touching them.
The composition is: 72% cotton lisle, 26% polyamide and 2% elastane.



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