Striped socks

# What are the different types of stripes ?

We have a range of socks with wide or thin vertical stripes and some horizontally striped pairs. Stripes is a classic and elegant pattern. What often makes a striped pattern work is its contrast with another colour. This is why both Mazarin and Bresciani both have a selection of ribbed socks with coloured stripes. Mazarin has a range of ‘stries’, socks with very thin discreet stripes, which from a distance almost look like the same colour. Take a look as well at Gallo’s selection, where you will find their iconic horizontally striped pairs!

# How should I wear striped socks ?

Play around with the endless possibilities of how to wear your striped socks. With their two colours, you can match your socks with your trousers or your shoes. The colour of the stripe can also be the bridge between the colour of your trousers and your shoes. Many striped socks are reversible. You can wear them either way and enjoy the slightly raised side when they are ‘inside out’.  



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