Black durable socks MAZARIN

Super-durable / Solid color / Knee-high

The black durable socks are the best known and most worn. They are suitable for black and brown shoes, navy blue or gray suits. Black socks can highlight darker and slightly mysterious outfits. They are an elegant transition between dress pants and black dress shoes because they match discretely with sombre blues or grays.

They now fade into their reinforced version. Since elegance rhymes with affluence, the composition of these knee-highs has everything that is appealing. Fine and rising, they are comfortable as well as consistent.

Mended by hand, reinforced at the toes and heel, manufactured in Italy, their capacity to tear has been tested by the Martindale test.

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20,00 €

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Heat Lightweight Very warm Warm
Style Delicate Strong Very strong
Feel Silky Soft Soft Voluptuous
Thickness Medium Thick Thin

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Composition: 72% Scottish thread - 26% Polyamide - 2% Elastane

Available from 40 to 47