Techical ski socks MAZARIN


These skiing socks are "technical" and thought for good skiers!

These technical ski socks are ideal for thermoformed or injected  skiboot liner.
These socks are thin, and made entirely of an ultra-technical polyamide from the excellent range of tecnoyarn®

A reinforcement is knitted along the tibia and under the foot, from the heel to the toe.

Montain lovers will notice the design of these socks, inspired by the contour line of the maps and the curves carved by the parabolic skis. These curves are navy blue and white. On the right sock, the curve on the ankle is red to remind the colour of slalom's gates.

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36,00 €

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Heat Lightweight Very warm Warm
Style Delicate Strong Very strong
Feel Silky Soft Soft Voluptuous
Thickness Medium Thick Thin