Invisible socks MAZARIN

Cotton - linen / Solid color / Invisible

Mazarin proposes this pair of invisible socks, also called sockets. They will follow you all along summer, with sneakers or moccasins, they are the perfect socks for absolute comfort. 

You will appreciate the presence of a anti-slip band in the interior or the ankle, to guarantee a better hold. 

These invisible socks are made of linen (48%), cotton (37%), and are reinforced with 13% poliamid. 2% elastane making it possible to better even more its' hold. They are made in Italy. Reinforced at the ankle and the tip, they are finished off by hand. 

11,00 €

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Heat Lightweight Very warm Warm
Style Delicate Strong Very strong
Feel Silky Soft Soft Voluptuous
Thickness Medium Thick Thin