Bleu cashmere socks MAZARIN

Cashmere - Silk / Solid color / Knee-high

The blue is vibrant, as it is a royal blue. Nevertheless, cashmere is a material that tempers this vivacity somewhat and renders it a very subtle, near cobalt blue.

The soft and downy quality of the cashmere (70%) blended with the brilliance of silk (30%) gives these blue socks a magnificent appearance. They are quite warm, considering their fineness, and are smart.

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Heat Lightweight Very warm Warm
Style Delicate Strong Very strong
Feel Silky Soft Soft Voluptuous
Thickness Medium Thick Thin

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These cashmere socks are the smoothest socks you have ever touched. They are relatively thin but are hotter than Scottish lisles ones at the same time. Cashmere socks need to be washed and maitained with caution.