These socks are similar in length to classic socks. They come up to the mid-calf and are an alternative to the knee-highs sold by Mes Chaussettes Rouges.

Current fashion trends are shifting towards close-fitting trousers, such as chinos, which are tighter at the ankle and are therefore better suited to mid-high socks. Mid-high socks are also ideal for sportswear.

The Scottish yarn can be worn all year round and is a favourite among sock lovers. The Scottish yarn begins as a cotton thread which is then mercerised: a neater, finer, silkier, softer yarn which is perfectly smooth. It will then be dyed and knitted.

The super soft cotton is a gentle blend of cotton and polyamide, giving the medium rise socks a certain smoothness. The 13% polyamide gives the socks an additional guarantee of durability and comfort.



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