# Who is Doré-Doré ?
Doré-Doré is the oldest brand of French socks! Created in 1819, this house is highly renowned for its quality, with ranges for men, women and children.
The Doré-Doré brand has become an integral part of French cultural heritage. General de Gaulle recounts in his memoires how his wife used to stop off at Troyes to pay a visit to the Doré-Doré shop before continuing her journey to their holiday destination. Today, Doré-Doré socks are made in Italy.

# Why should I wear Doré-Doré socks?
Doré-Doré proposes the finest materials as it chooses the best fabrics.
Why not try the more traditional wool socks with an argyle pattern, or the extremely soft wool fleece socks. The ‘adventure’ pair is also a must-have for your sock drawer; made of thick wool they will keep you warm during many cold winter weekends.
The Doré-Doré house has also created a pair of invisible socks.  Trying a pair means you approve of them!



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