#When can I wear a pocket square? 
A pocket square adds a splash of personality to an outfit. Wearing a pocket square is no longer a privilege reserved to a certain category of elegant dressers. Anyone can be brave enough to try one. You don’t have to wait for a wedding or a special ceremony to get one out. Today, it is not unusual to wear a pocket square with a blazer jacket. It’s a way of enhancing what would otherwise be an everyday ordinary outfit, whether that be at work, at a meeting or at the weekend.

#How should I wear my pocket square? 
For pocket square beginners, first try wearing plain or two-tone pocket square before trying patterns once you have become more used to wearing them.
You can match a pocket square with the colour of your outfit but you can also keep things simple with an effective white pocket square.

#How should I fold my pocket square?
 There are many different ways of folding a pocket square. The way you choose to fold your square will vary the complexity of your outfit. Take a look at our article which explains the different options here.

#What does our range consist of?
Discover our range of pocket squares and handkerchiefs made by the French brand Simonnot-Godard and Italian creator Carlo Riva. Both brands value the importance of artisan craftsmanship, creating high-end collections with the finest materials. These handkerchiefs and pockets squares at hand-stitched.

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