List of products by manufacturer GALLO

Gallo is an Italian brand created in 1958. Gallo is undoubtedly the most emblematic of what may be the Italian style in socks.

Gallo socks

The color is part of the DNA of the mark Gallo. Knee-high and colorful socks are really emblematic of Gallo, a brand that became world famous thanks to its stripped socks in different colors. The orange and blue striped socks are probably the most successful socks of Gallo.

Gallo is known thanks for its socks color but also for its quality. The quality shows through the excellence of materials. It is, as for other brands of this site, the best cotton lisle. Gallo also has very modern machines, which allows socks to be one of the finest in the world. Gallo socks proposed on this website show the technical prowess of which Gallo is capable.

Finally, My Red Socks only offers the range "Tailoring" Gallo. This range is the best Gallo, the finest one.

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