# What is the Birdseye pattern ?

Birdseye is a small dotted pattern, made up of small diamonds with a different coloured centre dot. It is woven from two differently coloured yarns .

# How should I wear Birdseye socks ?

This subtle pattern is so discreet that from a distance, you would think that it is just one colour. For instance, a navy blue and royal blue pattern creates the ideal shade of blue. Other pairs use a mix of blue and yellow, creating a green effect.
The Birdseye pattern gives a splash of originality to a pair of knee-highs without being too over the top. It allows you to play around with different styles and shades of colour without attracting too much attention.

When you wear a pair of Birdseye socks, you can ask your friends what colour they think your socks are. The subtle nature of the pattern makes finding the right answer difficult and you will certainly have fun hearing peoples’ guesses!


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