Cotton lisle socks

Cotton socks can be worn all year round and are acclaimed by sock lovers everywhere. Shoes put a lot of strain on the cotton yarn and so it must be robust enough to stand up to the rubbing of the foot inside the shoe. Without doubt, socks are the most tested of garments because they must remain fine in order to be comfortable. All of these requirements are essential in order to produce top quality lisle yarn.

The yarn is then knitted, not woven, like a tube to produce the sock.  The knitting is done on a double cylinder machine with over 240 needles that turn the lisle yarn into socks.

It is interesting to know that Gammarelli, Mazarin Grand Faiseur, Bresciani, and Gallo socks are knitted after dyeing to make them more color-fast.  The dyeing of the socks on this website complies with Oeko-tex Standart 100 standards.


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