# Why you should try silk socks ?

Silk is a material with exceptional thermoregulatory properties! It is worn all year. It is a refreshing matter when it is hot and is quite protective when temperatures are lower. Be careful, silk is not as warm as wool. Silk is also incredibly soft. 

# Why aren't these socks 100% silk ?

We chose to add a polyamide yarn to these silk socks to significantly increase the durability of these socks. This is done to the prejudice of extreme thinness. But we thought you'd be happy if these socks last almost twice as long as if there was no polyamide.

# Declination of silk socks

Discover here our mid-high silk socks without rib. These are smooth socks that are mid-calf. You will find black and navy blue, as a classic model. Red and aubergine colors brighten up the range.




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