Compression socks

Continuing on their mission to offer you the largest variety of elegant knee-highs stockings, the Mazarin brand is proud to present these Class 2 compression stockings.

Fitting perfectly to the contour of the calf, these knee-high stockings provide comfort during working hours, travelling and longer trips. They allow excellent blood circulation to the legs, providing a dynamic effect and a sensation of lightness thanks to the steady compression they exert along the calf.

Manufactured in Italy and tested in Switzerland, these stockings are a blend of cotton, polyamide and elasthane: solid materials that can stand against the passage of time, sudden movements and various other tensions. As Class 2 stockings, they are designed for people standing for a prolonged period of time, people making long journeys and people with varicose veins or swollen legs.

Mazarin offers a varied range. You will find both plain and patterned knee-high stockings, in both lighter and bolder colours, allowing you to discover the pleasure in wearing compression stockings.



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