Cotton lisle socks

Cotton lisle socks aresocks made of a mercerized cotton. This cotton can be from sea islan, form Egypt, from the US or else.

Chaussettes fil d'Ecosse

Scottisch cotton lisle socks

In fact, it is the process of mercerizing that turns cotton into cotton lisle.
Cotton lisle socks are famous for their fineness and resistance. Socks with 100% cotton lisle are the moste comfortable to wear. Cotton lisle make them shiny.
Among good quality men socks, we have chosen the best cotton klisle in order to offer your the finest selection of socks.

High knee socks for men

High knee socks for men can be useful for many things.
Some people are eager to wear them because they are hot. Actually high knee socks that are thick protect from the cold better than small and thin socks.
What’s more, a pair of high knee socks even if it is thin, i s a good protection against drafts.

Chaussettes longues homme

High knee socks for men

Many men prefer high knee socks than usual socks because they are more elegant. In fact, they don’t fall on the calf or the ankle. They do completely hide the leg, and make a perfect link-up between your shoes and suit. They are our clients’ favourite socks.

For all these reasons, we offer the largest selection of knee high socks for men with the brands : Gammarelli, Mazarin, Gallo, Bresciani, all Italian tailors.

Cashmere tights for women

For a women, wearing tights is a way to have a nice winter. Cashmere make tights soft and warm.


Collants cachemire femme

Cashmere tights for women

Our black cashmere tights are available in many sizes, and will offer you  satisfaction during your whole winter. The silk component make them even more soft.

Cashmere children socks

Cashmere socks for children are so soft that we really want to have them for ourselves !

Chaussettes cachemire enfant

Cashmere socks for children

Cashmere socks and slippers for children are a precious luxury. They are often a good idea for presents !
Cashmere brings softness and heat.

You can also buy cashmere tights for children, as well as cashmere hats.

Bonnet enfant cachemire
Cashmere hat for children

Gallo socks

Stripes of Gallo socks are very well known : vertical, horizontal, lare or thin, they are known for their originality.

What’s more, Gallo socks and Gallo knee high socks are magnificent handmade products. They also offer a wide range of colours.

In terms of quality, the range “Tailoring” is the most performing.

Chaussettes Gallo mi-bas

Gallo socks


Ski socks

When you keep in mind that cold can ruin a skiing day, ski socks get even more important.
In order to be comfortable, ski socks need to be thick. They also musn’t slide in the ski shoe during the day.

Chaussettes ski

Ski socks


Our ski socks are made of mohair wool, of tactel and wool to make them soft and resistant at the same time.

Chaussettes ski luxe

Luxury ski socks

1: Mohair wool

2: Bucle for heat and comfort

3: elastic stripe for bearing

Hunting socks

Hunting socks have to have different qualities, depending on which hunt you do.

Chaussettes chasseHunting socks

In any case, hunting socks must be warm, resistant and comfortable.

Mes Chaussettes Rouges has a selection of socks that can be worn with pompoms, but also more classical hunting socks.

Our hunting socks are made in Scotland with the best wool possible. We also offer cashmere socks that are extremely soft and warm, for your best huntings ever.

You can choose among a wide range of colours : red, green, yellow, orange…

Also discover our hunting socks for women available in women sizes, and for men with big feet (sizes 11/12/13).

Chaussettes chasse chaudes

Warm hunting socks

Loafers’ socks

Socks for loafers offer a comfort that many people ignore.

Chaussettes mocassins

Loafers’ socks

Being bare foot in sailing shoes or in loafers is very easthetic especialy in summer. Unfortunately, direct contact between skin and leather is not very comfortable.

Loafers’ socks that some people call Invisible socks for men are cotton socks that regulates sweat without being uneasthetical. Those loaf’s socks are invisible because they are not over the heel. They do not either slide thanks to a rubber strip in the heel.

Mes Chaussettes Rouges carefully chose the best socks for loafs : invisible and comfortable at the same time !

Waterproof socks

Waterproof socks is one of the many projects of Mes Chaussettes Rouges.

Waterproof socks could be used for nautic sports such as sailing. They could also be used for hikes along with rainproof shoes.

Chaussettes étanches

Waterprrof socks

During days of non-stopping rain, those socks could also be really useful.

Apart from being waterproof, those socks are very warm when they are not wet.

Finally, these socks are made with new products that make them quick to dry even in extreme conditions. Hydrofuges fibers make them technical and comfortable socks.