How to match your socks with your outfit? With your trousers or shoes?


Matching your socks with your outfit is a much less dangerous task than you might think and is even quite easy once you have learnt the basic rules.

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  1. The classic and understated approach: matching your socks with your shoes or trousers

It’s easy and possible! The easiest option is to match your socks with your shoes. When your shoes are black, wear black socks. Brown shoes? Brown socks.

Les chaussettes noires sont assorties aux chaussures et vont bien avec le pantalon gris.

Ici, à quelques nuances près, c'est un total look gris qui fonctionne

Generally speaking, matching your socks with your trousers elongates the leg. Matching your socks with your trousers is almost just as easy and acceptable. Grey flannel trousers will go well with grey socks just as a pair of jeans will match light blue socks. Matching your socks with your shoes highlights and showcases your shoes. Both options are possible!

Outre l'effet de style de la photo, les mi-bas en lin sont ici de la même couleur que le pantalon

Here these knee-highs highlight the shoes, which are the same colour.

Des mi-bas aux mêmes couleurs que les souliers

You won’t be taking many risks with this approach. As they say in the world of finance “low risk, low return.” You won’t be making waves with this look, but you will look well put together and chic without being flashy.

No one will comment on your socks, except for those who see you every day and who might start to find them a bit drab over the years…

  1. The bold, colourful approach

You prefer to combine colours which go well together rather than submit to the diktat of black and brown socks. If everyone took the first approach, black and brown socks would make up 90% of the world’s socks.

The idea is to match different colours which go well together. With a pair of mahogany brown socks, green shoes and blue trousers make a wonderful ensemble.

Bresciani chevrons vert prairie

Mazarin terre battue mouillée4

Some people like very bold colour contrasts. With a black tuxedo, why not try a pair of red socks. The aim is draw attention to a specific part of the outfit, for example the socks. Everyone can remember François Fillon welcoming Medvedev wearing a black tuxedo and red socks.

Gammarelli rouge 2

  1. The somewhere-in-the-middle approach

There is a third approach which is somewhat a compromise between the previous two options. Two-toned socks allow you to match your shoes and trousers. Imagine that you are wearing a pair of blue trousers with brown shoes, which is in itself nothing out of the ordinary. You could try matching them with a superb pair of brown and blue Bresciani ribbed socks.

Chaussettes à rayures gris et rouge. Le gris est dans le prolongement du pantalon et se marie bien à la chaussure. Le rouge vient lui donner un éclat

Le marron des chaussures se retrouvent dans la chaussette vanisée aux deux marrons

Another recommendation would be to choose a colour which is somewhere in between the other two colours. For example, with a pair of blue trousers (a primary colour) and brown shoes (a colour made mainly with red), you could try a colour which combines blue and red, such as purple, which can vary between being more or less bluish or reddish.

Ici, les chaussettes se marient bien avec les chaussures car le marron des chaussures est composé de rouge

To help you, here is the chromatic circle which will help you see which colours work well together. To learn more about the composition of a specific colour, take a look at the RGB percentages in the Wikipedia colour list.

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2 thoughts on “How to match your socks with your outfit? With your trousers or shoes?

  1. Antonymous

    I also have my safe match moments when I match shoes or pants, but sometimes I like to stay coordinated, but with a different element of the suit, so I match socks with the dress shirt.

  2. Antonymous

    I prefer matching the shoes, because the colors are just black and brown, while we have lots or pant leg colors :).


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