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There is no such thing as a pair of socks that everyone loves. Ever since we became sock specialists, we have been able to come to this conclusion. Some people have had a bad experience and would like to try something different, whilst others are looking for unusual fabrics. It is impossible to satisfy all of our customers with just one product. There are those who wear colourful socks and those are only happy wearing black. Everyone wants different things from their socks. Some want bright colours, whilst others prefer a more understated and subtle look. Some favour long-lasting, durable socks whilst others prefer a lighter, more breathable pair.

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The ideal pair of socks is a pair of socks that corresponds to the requirements of the person wearing them. Sometimes, these can be very precise requirements indeed. To avoid you being disappointed with your purchase, let’s take a look at some of the criteria that can help a pair of socks meet your expectations.

  1. The length: The first piece of criteria, and perhaps the most important is the length. You can choose between long socks, known as knee-highs which come just under the knee, or shorter socks, known as mid-calf, which come up to the mid-calf. Knee-high or mid-calf? It’s a tough one to call as each length has some key advantages. With knee-highs, you can be sure that your socks will stay in place and won’t get twisted around your ankles by the end of the day. As they grip nicely to the curve of your calf, knee-highs will remain perfectly in place. What’s more, they also have several aesthetic advantages. Knee-highs cover the entire calf meaning that you won’t risk showing your legs when your trousers rise up. Nonetheless, unlike knee-highs which would be too tight, mid-calf socks are an excellent choice for tighter fitting trousers, which have become increasingly more fashionable in recent times.
  2. The grip: What is more important to you in a pair of socks: feeling supported or not being able to feel the socks at all? For reasons linked to the fabric type and the technique used, it is not possible to have both effects simultaneously. Socks made entirely of natural fabrics will create a sense of lightness and you will almost forget that you are wearing socks at all! The use of polyamide on the other hand reinforces the sock and makes it thicker, but not necessarily a lot warmer.

Here, a pair of Cotton lisle and a pair of linen socks3. Warmth: Are you looking for socks that can be worn during the hot summer months or to face the wind and rain? This question is essential as different fabrics can provide different answers. Someone who is often out in the fresh air, on their motorbike or who naturally feels the cold will want a pair of wool socks. Someone who spends their time going from a warm home to a heated office will want quite the opposite.

With these three criteria, the search for your ideal socks is well on its way. The rest depends on each person’s individual taste; colours, patterns etc. You may just fall in love with a pair in particular or you might match each pair of socks with an outfit in particular.

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If you prefer a more understated look, when choosing your socks go for colours which match those already present in your outfit. Nonetheless, knee-highs can also be a way of having fun. If you want to be a little more creative, there are no rules to hold you back. On the whole, wearing the same coloured socks as your trousers will make you look taller. If you would like to highlight your shoes, wear socks of the same colour. With all of these criteria, the hunt for the ideal pair of socks should be a bit easier. Do not hesitate to call on our advice to help you choose the pairs which suit you best.

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